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  • Healthy Recipe Smoothie

    Healthy Recipe - Strawberries and Coconut Water

    Whip Up a Smoothie Made with Strawberries and Coconut Water. Get the sweetness of strawberries plus the hydrating properties of coconut water.
  • Health Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

    Health Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

    As we age, we should be more aware of the potential health risks that are uniquely associated with both our age and the changing seasons. Staying cool in the summer is important to your general health.
  • 5 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated

    5 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated

    If you think you need to be drinking more, here are some tips to increase your fluid intake and reap the benefits of water.
  • Getting All the Water You Need this Summer

    Getting All the Water You Need this Summer

    When your water intake does not equal your output, you can become dehydrated. Water—whether by itself or from foods or other fluids—is essential to your health.
  • Hot weather safety tips for older adults

    Hot Weather Safety Tips for Older Adults

    Ways to stay cool and healthy—even when the weather is hot. When the temperature climbs above 90°F, the heat can cause dangerous health problems.
  • Protecting Senior Skin

    Protecting Senior Skin from the Summer Sun

    Carry sunscreen everywhere you go, and reapply it often While many Americans have jumped on the sunscreen bandwagon, it's important to review the steps for truly protecting your skin. There's more to it than squeezing a dollop of sunscreen out of the tube and rubbing it on your face before going out to play nine holes of golf or watch a ball game.
  • Warm-weather activities to enjoy with family and friends

    Warm-Weather Activities to Enjoy with Family and Friends

    Finding an interesting activity that is suitable for your abilities can take some creativity and planning, but it is well worth switching up the routine and getting out of the house. Enjoying a breezy spring day or the warm summer temperatures is good for people of all ages. 
  • doctors visit

    Seven Tips for Making the Most of your Doctor's Visit

    Before you go to the doctor, take some time to think about important questions you may have about your health. Most people only visit the doctor a few times a year, so it’s important to make your time with him or her count!
  • Blood Pressure

    Blood Pressure Health Tips

    High blood pressure affects 1 in 3 American adults. Since there are few or no symptoms, make sure this silent killer doesn’t sneak up on you. Whether you have high blood pressure or not, and especially if you’re not sure, there are easy things you can do to keep healthy levels.
  • Medications

    Medications Health Tips

    82% OF AMERICAN ADULTS TAKE AT LEAST ONE MEDICATION.* MAIL-ORDER MEDS When it comes to your health, taking the right medications in the right amount at the right time can give you the right result. One of the most effective ways to improve medication adherence is by using a mail-order pharmacy. It’s easy to set up, and you can get your medications on time, keep up with renewals and ensure that you dose appropriately. It’s like your own personal pharmacist in your mailbox.
  • medication adherance video1

    Video: Medication Adherence

    Changing the timing or dosage of your doctor-prescribed medication can be very dangerous, but there are some precautions you can take to make sure you are being safe with your prescriptions.
  • Colorectal Cancer Health Tips

    90% SURVIVE COLORECTAL CANCER WHEN IT’S DETECTED EARLY According to the American Cancer Society, 90% of new colorectal cancer cases occur in adults ages 50 and older.* The good news is that, when it’s found in early stages, there’s a 90% survival rate.†   AWARENESS IS THE FIRST STEP
  • Heart Health

    Heart Health Tips

    IT’S TIME FOR A HEART-TO-HEART About 600,000 people die of heart disease in the U.S. every year. This may be a bit shocking, but the good news is that many heart-related complications and diseases can be treated and prevented. Through good heart-healthy habits, you can help us reduce this number. We’re here to help you along the way.   GET (HEART) HEALTHY
  • Embracing Change

    Embracing Change Health Tips

    EMBRACING CHANGE WITH CONFIDENCE As we age, our bodies go through many changes... some that we anticipate and others that are less expected. But for common fears like falling and bladder control, it’s very important for you to know that you’re not alone. Talk with your doctor about these common issues and others so that you can stay active and tackle each coming day with the confidence you deserve. Let’s face it, all of our bodies are going to change. But who we are doesn’t have to.
  • Body Mass Index

    Body Mass Index Health Tips

    MORE THAN ONE-THIRD OF AMERICAN ADULTS ARE OBESE According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 78.6 million American Adults are obese. That’s more than a third of our adult population! The good news is that we have the power to reduce that number. Together.
  • Diabetes: Get the Basics

    1 IN 3 DIABETICS DON’T KNOW THEY’RE DIABETIC. According to the American Diabetes Association, about 25% of Americans age 65 and older are affected by diabetes. One out of three people with diabetes doesn’t even know they have it. As you approach the age of 40, make sure you’re getting tested every three years — or if older or at a higher risk, once a year.
  • October Health Month

    Breast Cancer Health Tips

    As a nation, we are more aware than ever about breast cancer. And the most effective way to truly fight back starts with you. When you commit to staying proactive with regular screenings, you have a much greater chance of detecting breast cancer early, which improves treatment success and survival rates. Waiting for symptoms may increase chances of the cancer advancing and becoming more difficult to treat.
  • September-Health-Month-Cholesterol

    Cholesterol Health Tips

    Let’s get one thing straight. Cholesterol by itself is not a bad word. It’s a naturally occurring waxy substance that we all have and need. It’s produced by your body — mainly your liver — and circulated through your blood.
  • Zika Information

    Zika - How to Protect Yourself

    With Zika outbreaks happening in many countries and territories, the best way to protect yourself is to prevent mosquito bites.  Zika virus spreads from person to person primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito. Many people infected do not experience symptoms or have mild symptoms. The most common ones are fever, rash, joint pain, or red eyes. Other symptoms include muscle pain and headache. 
  • August Health Month

    Vaccinations Health Tips

    According to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, an average of 50,000 adults die each year from illnesses that could have been prevented by vaccination. Certain vaccinations become highly recommended at age 65+, and there may be some vital vaccines you never received when you were younger. We’re here to take a stand with you against unnecessary death or illness.
  • July Health Month

    Osteoporosis Health Tips

    Osteoporosis affects 10 million Americans, 80 percent of whom are women. But with a strong team to help you know the symptoms and how to prevent and treat it, you can stand strong against those numbers.
  • COPD Health Tips

    Shortness of Breath Isn’t Normal
  • doctors-office-video

    Video: Doctor’s Office

    Maximize the benefits of each doctor’s office visit by being prepared. Before you go, make a list — of changes in your health and any questions you may have for your doctor.
  • emergency vs urgent care video

    Video: Emergency vs Urgent Care

    An emergency room and an urgent care center serve different purposes, and determining this difference can save you time and money. When you have a health concern, consider whether it is life threatening before you head straight to the emergency room.
  • healthy motivation video

    Video: Healthy Motivation

    Being in charge of your own health and well-being can be intimidating, but when you incorporate these simple healthy practices into your everyday routine, they really add up.
  • portion size video

    Video: Serving vs Portion

    Learn about the difference between “serving size” and “portion size” and the importance of heeding recommended serving sizes.
  • sugar video

    Video: Sugar

    Many Americans consume more sugar than they should, but you can limit your sugar intake by learning how to read nutrition labels and cutting down on processed foods.
  • apple cider

    Recipe: Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider

    Try This Healthy Fall Recipe There’s nothing like a cool September day to make you long for apple cider. Make this easy recipe to celebrate the harvest season and welcome friends and family into your kitchen.
  • september

    September — A Month to Honor Seniors!

    The cooler days of September are here, and there’s plenty to celebrate, starting with Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 13. Spend some time with a grandparent or other senior, sharing in their wisdom, perspectives and civic values.
  • healthy aging

    Healthy Aging Tips

    A few ways to stay fit and stall the aging process. Exercise — Walking is an effective way to stay fit. Even if the weather is bad, try walking the track at your local fitness center or inside a shopping mall.
  • Fall

    Fall 2015 Health Topics

    While good health is a perennial topic, we highlight one important aspect of your healthcare each month. Be sure to talk with your doctor on your next visit if you have questions or concerns about these topics.