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At Partners in Primary Care we believe the right relationship with your doctor means you deserve respect — for your time, your schedule, and your vision for your own health.

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At Partners in Primary Care, our goal is to redefine patient care by treating our patients to a welcoming, respectful, and expert experience. Our doctors and care team raise the standard of health by putting individuals first, treating you with clinical excellence, and focusing on your ongoing wellness. We believe making our patients feel welcome goes beyond how we greet individuals, how our offices look, or how we say goodbye. It’s how we respond to a patient’s needs, personalizing the experience, ensuring everything about a  patient’s care is relevant to the individual, creating a unique experience.

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We have 10 offices in San Antonio for your convenience.


Curious to learn what the right relationship is?  Don’t just take it from us.  Our patients tell the story best.  Watch the videos below to learn more.

  • "She wanted to make sure I was going to be around for a while to see how my health would improve."

    — Jesse

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  • "They remind me of things: don’t forget to get your prescription, do we need to call it in for you. So they’re very helpful."

    — Theresa

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  • "When I think of a care coordinator, I think of us as being educators. I think of us as being therapists. I think of us as being cheerleaders for the patients."

    — Amy

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