Get answers to frequently asked questions you or your clients may have about Senior-focused Primary Care.

Who is Partners in Primary Care?

We are a Senior-focused Primary Care practice with locations in Kansas City, MO/KS, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.


We specialize in serving seniors, allowing them to receive many of their primary care needs—including physician services, treatment, diagnostic testing, basic laboratory services, and immunizations—conveniently in one location.

Our centers are staffed by board-certified physicians and Care Teams who are specially trained to treat the senior population. Our medical offerings are supplemented by behavioral health and social services support. We are dedicated to delivering innovative, comprehensive, and personalized care that meets the unique needs and priorities of our senior patients.


What is a “Care Team” and who are the members?

We are committed to delivering to our patients comprehensive, coordinated, and personalized care.
To do that, we have created our Care Team model. Each team consists of physicians, nurses, behavioral health specialists, social services specialists, clinical pharmacists, medical directors, care coaches, and center administrators.

This integrated approach puts the patient and physician at the center of the care plan. The PCP acts as the quarterback—coordinating all aspects of the care plan—while additional team members provide support in their specialized areas. Additionally, this model enables care to be proactive and preventive, helping patients improve or maintain their health.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes! We are accepting new patients at each of our centers.


Your clients can schedule a new-patient appointment by calling their preferred center. Contact information is available via partnersinprimarycare.com.


What are Partners in Primary Care’s hours of operation?

Our centers are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. If patients require non-emergency medical attention after hours or on weekends, they can call our 24-hour phone line and leave a voicemail. The message will be relayed to the patient’s physician or the PCP on call. Phone numbers for each center are listed on our website: www.partnersinprimarycare.com.

How can my clients schedule an appointment at Partners in Primary Care?

Under the “Market” section, each Market Guide features the phone and email contact information for the local market representatives.


Our team helps your clients set up a new patient appointment. Additionally, appointments can be made in-person at any of our center locations.


Where can I find additional Partners in Primary Care-related agent resources?

Partners in Primary Care Content Resources:


  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • YouTube Video Hub
  • Facebook pages
  • Pre-designed educational presentations


In addition, our Agent Playbook includes information about our value-based care philosophy, our centers, and our patients’ experience—in one convenient place.


It is designed to support you in talking to your clients about Partners in Primary Care and helping them choose a physician—confidently, accurately, and compliantly.


You can pick up a copy of the Agent Playbook at any of our center locations, or request a copy via our Get In Touch page.

How do I share feedback (from me or my clients) with Partners in Primary Care?

We love to hear from you, agents!


If you have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions to share with Partners in Primary Care, please contact a member of our team.


Under the Markets section, each Market Guide features the phone and email contact information for the local market representatives. If your clients have questions about their care or medical records, they should call a center directly.


What are Partners in Primary Care centers like?

  • Ample on-site parking
  • Wide doors and hallways
  • Non-slip floors
  • Exam chairs that rise and lower to accommodate mobility challenges
  • Activity centers* for fitness classes, craft projects, educational seminars, and much more
  • On-site pharmacies* for convenient prescription refills


*Select centers


What insurance plans do you accept?

At Partners in Primary Care, our primary objective is providing superior care to our patients. And our goal is to deliver that care within their insurance contract guidelines.


Nonetheless, each insurance plan offers different benefits. It is important that our patients understand exactly what their health care insurance policy covers—and what, if any, required co-pays or deductibles they may be responsible for.


Partners in Primary Care is payer-agnostic. We accept many Medicare Advantage plans. Patients should please visit their preferred center’s page (via www.partnersinprimarycare.com) to see accepted plans at that location.


Where are the Partners in Primary Care locations? Are any in my market?

You can find a list of all locations within each community we serve by clicking on the button in the upper right corner “Visit PartnersinPrimaryCare.com” We’ve provided address, phone, fax, and pharmacy (when applicable) contact numbers for each center. Additionally, you’ll find phone and email contact information for our local market representatives under the tools section of this site.


Our team can help your clients set up a center tour or new-patient appointment, or answer any questions you or your clients have about Partners in Primary Care.


How can my clients set up a tour of Partners in Primary Care?

Have a client who wants to see the center for himself or herself? Meet the staff? Great! We offer regular open house events, as well as private, no-obligation tours for prospective patients and their families.


Your clients can call us to set one up at their convenience. Phone numbers for each center are listed on our website: partnersinprimarycare.com


Am I able to meet with clients and prospects at Partners in Primary Care centers?

Want to learn more or reserve a room for an event? Contact the Broker Relationship Manager in your market for more information.

How can I learn more about Partners in Primary Care news, updates, and events?

For prospective patients (and current ones, too), Partners in Primary Care hosts regular events at our centers:
• Open houses
• Fitness classes
• Nutrition demonstrations
• Educational seminars
• Crafts projects
• Book club meetings


Events are free and all are open to the public. We encourage all visitors to bring family members or friends. Our events are a great way to get more familiar with our staff and our centers. Upcoming event information is available anytime on our website and center Facebook pages. Additionally, Partners in Primary Care uses email to keep agents up to date with what’s happening at our centers and inform them of collaboration opportunities with Partners in Primary Care. You may request to join our email list via our Get In Touch page.


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